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Truss Work & Shingles


Truss Work

As much as the strength of a building relies on its foundation, its future health and sustenance, relies on its roof. A healthy roof determines not just the structure of a building, but its durability. A well executed and designed roof system is hence requisite for any building structure. With basic functions like protection from extreme weathers of heat, rains and snow to prevention of intrusion, roofing is a critical determinant in a building construction.

Trusses are structures in triangular shapes, offering support to a building. They can be made from several different sized pieces, that amalgamate towards distributing and bolstering the weight. Trusses, hence is a primordial step implemented in roofing, catering to the aspect of roof framing. The work of Truss is heavily used in bridges like structures.

A roof truss takes framework over a building span. It is the kind of support based on which roof can be attached. To ensure sturdiness and strength in roofs, truss should be engineered carefully, pursuant to the house specifications. A properly executed rood truss, has the capacity to support a rood against propulsions of rain, wind or any significant tensions.

A excellent truss work is hence pivotal to ensure accurate roof installation. At Fusion, we have professionals who have the best in-hand experience in roofing. With their highly engineered capabilities, Fusion ensures that your truss work is met with high performance standards. Fusion ensures that our development procedures follow the principles of sustainable development, environmental friendliness and safe working conditions for our workers.