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Aluminium Cladding Works


Aluminium Cladding Works

Promising the durability of a life time, our Aluminium Cladding solutions is what you need to build a sizeable façade. With a voluminous ton of 31.9 million, the substantial use of Aluminium and its quality is no more a myth.

Let’s take a dig into some of the irreproachable advantages that Aluminium Cladding can offer you:
1. A light weight solution: Having one third weight of steel, your façade design can be convenient with Aluminium as the right metal solution.
2. Prevent corrosion: An assurance of protective coating of oxide, makes your solution of Aluminium cladding prevents the undesirable effects of corrosion. That surely speaks of the high sustenance that the metal can provide in contrast to metals like copper.
3. An unmatched flexibility: Having a lower melting point, makes Aluminium's easy flexibility to adopt shapes and represent a popular choice of architects.
4. An Environment friendly solution with Recyclability: In the age of increasing environmental awareness, the use of Aluminium cladding can promise sustainability with an undeniable energy efficiency.

The deformed and unique shapes, styles and designs uses a metal that can adopt the perfect architecture of the modern world. And what better way than use i Cladding solutions. Within a considerably short period of time, our solutions in Aluminium Cladding, curtain wall, structural glazing along with framing of side-light rails and door rails has made our services to be preference.

Here’s a glimpse to what our Aluminium Cladding services can precisely include:
1. Solutions in manufacture, design as well as metal sheet composite panel installation.
2. Manufacturing as well as installing glass, aluminium and curtain wall.
3. Carve out the best interior design using the corrugated metal.
4. Install as well as supply automatic doors and a drop down roller.

At Fusion, we understand the freedom of creativity and designs that your infrastructure’s architecture commands. Our squad of project managers, engineers and designers combine their creative efforts to build a fresh and an impeccable design with a solid foundation of dedicated years of experience and knowledge. Discover our potential and quality in the Aluminium Cladding solutions! Thank you