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ACP & Glazing Works



Structural Glazing is one which involves a process called on-line pyrolytic coating. It is a form of a hard coating in which metal oxides are fused on a float glass’s surface. This is done usually at high temperatures, when the glass is still in its development phase. A mirror like appearance is formed due to this coating which gives an aesthetic pleasure of the glass. Not just for its supreme appearance, there are several advantages of structural glazing, like reduction of glares and even control of solar energies. This relieves the occupants from the extreme heat and renders comfort. Our structural glazing involves four distinct components- aluminium, essential hardware, a heat and two kinds of sealant called the weather proof sealant and a glazing sealant.

ACP Cladding

ACP Cladding stands for aluminium composite panel cladding. It is done with a help of a 2 X 1 inch rectangular tube, a 3M adhesive tape, high quality hardware and a weathering sealant. ACP is made from non-combustible polyethylene core which is laminated in between 2 different sheets of aluminium. The external surface of aluminium is known for its sustenance and long term assurance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance advantages. On the other hand, the internal surface of aluminium is meant to provide a smoother surface.

Glazing and ACP Cladding have seemingly become predominant features in the architecture of commercial buildings. The key benefits of ACP cladding and Glazing includes its resistance against high temperatures and other extreme weather conditions, ability to reduce light intrusion and protection from harmful UV rays. They also offer high end sound insulation which makes them ideal for commercial use.

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