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False Ceiling & Wall Partitioning


False Ceiling

False ceilings have now become an ultra-powerful ceiling solution for all kinds of building structures. Offering amazing thermal and acoustic insulations and resistance against moisture and fire controls, false ceilings have emerged as ultimate safety and comfort solutions for its users.

Fusion offers a wide range of false ceiling solutions with fiber boards, plaster boards, grid panels and even gypsum boards. Our Gypsum boards are accompanied with water point additives, in the core bonded firmly using paper cliners. These boards are typically useful for wet areas. All our boards have sound bloc properties which can control high sound levels with proper insulation. In order to prevent fire catch, our false ceilings have water repellents, glass fibres and even other additives with it, which are bonded firmly to paper liners. This enhances protection from fire and even moistures.

Wall Partitioning

If you have a large space, you can partition it into several sections using the concept of “wall partitioning”. Generally shift walls are used for such purpose. These are basically plaster walls which are known for their high durability, strength and robustness. They can also be easily renovated or customized.

There are several kinds of wall partitioning services, we offer like dry lining system, interior system, close office partition, wet area wall partition, plaster walls etc. They key advantages of our wall partitioning solutions includes their superior appearance, environment-friendliness, effective use of space, insulation against sound, protection from fire and also the light weight.

If you are willing to take our services of false ceiling or wall partitioning, reach us at your soonest. We will be happy to serve.
Fusion ensures that our development procedures follow the principles of sustainable development, environmental friendliness and safe working conditions for our workers.